Our Team in Kenya

Founder / Executive Director – Wambui

Wambui is the heart and soul of Familia Moja, her passion, commitment and leadership is the reason why FMCH is providing opportunities for our children that they would otherwise not have had. She grew up as one of twelve children in a small village called Mang’u about 65km from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. A strong sense of community and helping others was a value instilled in her from an early age by her parents. After completing university in Lahore, Pakistan, she returned home to Kenya and started up her own small business selling second hand clothing. However, it was her dreams of helping orphans and vulnerable children that led her to offer up her home in Nairobi to volunteers from across the globe.

In 2006, she hosted two volunteers, Jess White and Sandra Steiger who both lived with her and volunteered at separate children’s homes nearby. Wambui’s passion and drive to make a difference left a lasting impact on both Jess and Sandra. They both clearly recall listening to her dreams of starting her own home, and making a lasting impact to alleviate poverty within Kenya. In September 2007, the children’s home which Jess volunteered at was closed without notice by the directors and Wambui decided that it was now the right time to start her own. So she contacted Jess and James Woodward (who had also volunteered at the same children’s home) to see if they could support her in realising her dream. Out of this conversation Familia Moja was born!

Wambui co-ordinates the smooth running of the orphanage by performing all the administrative duties of the orphanage, finding local and international sponsors for the projects that are enabling the orphanage to grow and liaising with development partners and volunteers from around the world. She also attends workshops and meets with the directors of other children’s homes to ensure Familia Moja is being run in the best possible way. Wambui plans the agenda for the quarterly meetings of the board and is secretary of the committee. Each month Wambui writes a monthly newsletter of Familia Moja activities, which is sent to sponsors and donors.

We employ four full time staff being a Matron, Matron Assistant, House Father and Gardener.

These four staff members all at the home 24 hours a day. They ensure the children are washed, dressed and fed, and that they do their homework! Other duties they cover also include laundry, maintenance of the vegetable garden and administration. We feel that these four excellent role models in preparing the children with how to look after themselves later in life and be responsible and involved members of their community by showing them how to cook, clean clothes, and resolve problems, dance and sing.

The Muiru Family

Wambui’s family play an integral part in Familia Moja. Her father James Wahogo is referred to as Guka (Grandpa) by our children. Older sister Salome and younger brother Njoroge are board members with their involvement focussed on fundraising and activities to make the home self sufficient. Salome maintains the financial records of both the children’s home and the NGO, on a monthly basis she completes the bookkeeping, cash flows and budgets for the home.

Our Team Outside of Kenya

Co-Founder/Development Partner – Jess White

Jess has known Wambui since October 2006 when he lived with her and volunteered at St Otiep. He helped Wambui start Familia Moja in September 2007 and has been a committed and supportive partner of Familia Moja since the beginning. He has taken an instrumental role in fundraising to help cover our running costs and the development of the home by hosting events in Australia and Europe. Jess’ fundraising is managed through a not for profit organisation called Kesho Community Foundation.

Along with promoting the children’s centre, managing volunteers, and managing our financial and legal procedures, Jess helps co-ordinate our child sponsorship programs with Wambui and Shiru. Jess is managing the construction of our own permanent home with Njoroge. He is raising the required funds to finance the building and liases with the architect and the foreman to ensure that the local tradespeople have the required tools and building materials in a timely manner to keep the building progressing. He is based in Melbourne, Australia but visits Kenya once per year.

Jess does not take a wage from Familia Moja and covers all his own expenditure when visiting the home in Kenya and when promoting and fundraising for Familia Moja in Australia and Europe.

Familia Moja Support Initiative Board Member – Sam Gichuki

Sam sits on the board of the Familia Moja Support Initiative, promoting both the home and the NGO in the USA.