Our sponsorship program at Familia Moja is focused on the home as a whole rather than on individual children. This means that all of the children at Familia Moja get an equal amount of support.

Signing up for monthly sponsorship with Familia Moja will help give our children access to quality education, a balanced diet, caring staff and opportunities in the arts and sports that they otherwise would not have had.

We offer the following sponsorship packages:

– Student 2,400KSH (AUD$30) per month

– Adult 4,000KSH (AUD$50) per month

– Household 7,200KSH (AUD$90) per month

Sponsors will receive bi-monthly updates via our newsletter, progress of the children’s school results, photos and a video message each year.

Become part of our family and help Familia Moja Children’s Home make a difference.

If you would like to sponsor one our children please email info@familiamoja.org