Familia Moja Children’s Home is helping shape the future of Kenya

At present we provide food and shelter for orphaned and vulnerable children but our vision is greater than that. We see these children growing into influential adults, who through the education provided by Familia Moja, will give back to their community of Mang’u and Kenya as a whole. Our aim is to work within the community to set up sustainable development projects which both support the orphanage and benefit the community.

Our Mission is to provide a safe and secure home for children within Kenya who have been orphaned by diseases such as AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis or who are vulnerable due to poverty. We provide our children with: a nourishing diet, appropriate accommodation, clothing, access to healthcare and quality education, while ensuring that they receive the physical and emotional care required to become healthy, successful and fulfilled adults.

Familia Moja works together with the community to improve the lives of not only the children within its care but also the community as a whole. Our Vision is to empower the children and their community to achieve their goals and create possibilities for their future; be it educational or entrepreneurial.

Familia Moja is One Family and together we work towards a certain future.